A visit to a doctor is not a welcome situation for any woman and nothing better than preventing it by following certain easy health tips to remain fit. Most frequent women health issues can be prevented if we take certain precautionary measures. There are many stages in a woman’s life when she needs to give special attention to her health to avoid the major women health problems that are most prevalent in that stage of her life. Following certain nutritional guidelines and women health tips ensures that you maintain great health through most of your life.

Here are some women health tips based on the different stage of her life that a woman should follow to get the best health and fitness:

Adolescence: One of the primary difficult stages when a girl turns a woman, adolescence comes with a boost of hormones and brings with it many women health issues. Adolescent girls should follow the below tips to ensure they are able to fight the primary health issues of their life:

  • Keep your body hydrated to fight puberty based diseases and to avoid the onset of acne and pimples
  • Maintain a regular sleep pattern to fight stress and irritation
  • Avoid junk food to fight metabolism related changes and to fight obesity
  • Exercise at least 5 times a week to boost metabolism

Sexually Active Stage: A lot changes in a woman’s body when she becomes sexually active. The boost of new hormones brings with it the risk of a new set of diseases. Sexually active women also need to take care of their birth cycle as they risk contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Here are certain measures that sexually active women should take to ensure a healthy body and a healthy sex life:

  • Get the necessary vaccines including HPV and Hepatitis
  • Practice safe sex
  • Get regular Pap smears to detect cervical cancer early in life
  • Take interest in sex as it improves women fitness and is a metabolism booster

Pregnancy: A lot is written about women health care during pregnancy as this is the stage when you need to take maximum care of the body. Here are certain health tips for pregnant women that should be followed to ensure best health afterwards

  • Take prenatal vitamins to ensure mother and baby’s health
  • Stay active throughout pregnancy to ensure smooth childbirth
  • Eat Folic Acid rich food to ensure best health post-birth
  • Follow the pregnancy tips suggested in heath articles

Post 40s: Once a women turns 40, a lot changes in her body. This is the age when she starts having back and knee related issues. The body starts losing calcium and the necessary minerals and thus there are certain women fitness tips that she needs to follow to ensure great health:

  • Exercise and meditate on a daily basis
  • Stay stress free
  • Socialize to ensure your brain remains active
  • Take maximum intake of calcium rich food like yoghurt and spinach

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