How To Make Throat Stop Burning After Throwing Up

Throwing up is one of the important mechanism to protect your body. Whenever you have food poisoning, drink too much alcohol or something bad you take by mouth, throwing up helps you to get the comfortable feeling, to relaxed. However, after throwing up, most of the people review that they have to burn in their throat. How to make throat stop burning after throwing up is the common question. Today we will show you the ways to stop burning after throwing up.

Why your throat is burning after you throw up?

It can explain the reaction from the gastric after eating. An enzyme in the stomach breaks down the food which makes the body can absorb nutrients. However, when you vomit, the food and the gastric enzyme come out together. On the other hand, the gastric juice contains a high level of acid which also cause inflammation in your throat. It is the reason why you will feel burning aftẻr throwing up.

How to make throat stop burning after throwing up?

Besides the benefit which makes you feel better when the body consumes bad food or high amount of alcohol. Throwing up also cause burning in the throat. The way to throwing up quite easy, nevertheless, not at all know the way to make the throat stop burning. A sore throat causes any trouble for you in eating or shallow. These are some tips for you to improve your throat condition.

Take an Over The Counter (OTC)  medication to relieve the pain and inflammation reaction. Make sure Nausea and vomiting were stop before you use OTC medication to relieve the pain. Some OTC medication is helpful in reducing the pain such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirin. Besides over the counter medication, You also use throat sprays or throat lozenges: They contain a local anesthetic to reduce the pain in the throat. Throat lozenges are very common in different flavors and color. It is quite easy to suck on. However, you need to notice about the amount and the local anesthetic just reduce the pain in a short time.

Natural remedies for stopping burning after throwing up

Fresh lemons and salt:

Vegetarian sliced thin and sucked with salt will have positive effects in the treatment of throat pain. In addition, this way also helps cure a sore throat, cough effectively and safely.

Keep licorice in the mouth:

Licorice has the effect of heat, detoxification, only conversational, antibacterial. You just need to take a few slices of licorice daily will help soothe the throat and is a cure for a sore throat when swallowing saliva and curing effective healing, no need to use drugs.

Steam the throat with basil leaves or mint:

In addition to feeling sore throat when swallowing, you may also have difficulty breathing, nose and throat very uncomfortable. At this point, you put some basil leaves or mint in hot water and nasal throat. After doing this, your throat is soothed, soothe pain, nose throat smoothly, the mind is also more comfortable.

Drink honey ginger tea:

Make some sliced ginger with tea and mix with honey to drink. Ginger combined with honey to soothe the throat and antibacterial very well, the symptoms of a sore throat will decrease rapidly.

Drink hot tea:

Hot tea is one of the best ways to cure a sore throat. You can use herbal tea such as chrysanthemum tea, or regular tea. Remember, avoid tea contains caffeine because it makes your throat uncomfortable.

Eat perilla congee:

Perilla leaves are warm to have a very good resolution effect. So it is very helpful to treat a sore throat efficiently. Also, you can wash, squeeze the water and drink.

Chew basil leaves:

Chew the basil leaves every morning and evening have a good effect in the treatment of throat pain.

In addition, you can gently massage the throat with hot oil. This method will help you get rid of the pain very quickly.

Other basic solution to reduce the discomfort

Drink normal water and fresh juice:

Water is essential for good body performance. Water helps circulation and metabolism of the body are smooth, synchronized, detoxifying the body, cooling and reduce irritation to the neck. So drink water regularly, so your body works best and quickly cure it. After you throw up, you should clean your mouth with clean water to get rid of gastric acid and reduce the discomfort. However, you should not drink too much water because if the stomach contains full water. It is easy to get vomit again. You need to drink gradually and a little bit, don’t drink too quickly.

Using warm salt water for grading:

Warm salt water can be useful to treat a sore throat because it can reduce swelling or other symptoms.

What foods should you eat when the throat have burned?

Eating soup:

it easy goes into your throat, helps the throat get comfortable without chew hard. In particular, potato soup, pumpkin or oatmeal porridge will be the perfect choice in this case because it is rich in fiber and contains high nutritional content, has a sore throat effect and supports inflammation.

Boiled and soft food:

It will be a great decision if you use boiled foods such as carrots, vegetables, etc. or milk cereal because it contains more vitamins and minerals needed to strengthen the body, in addition, the vegetables are boiled pretty soft. It is easy to chew, not to hurt your throat.

Eat fruits rich vitamin C:

Fruits such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, mangosteen, mango, banana … help the body to eliminate toxins, reduce the symptoms of a sore throat like pain, dry cough, etc. reduce burning feeling and strengthen the body’s immunity.

Eat eggs:

Eggs are rich in protein and are easy to digest, helping the body to absorb quickly, improve the immune system. However, do not eat fried eggs because it contains a lot of greasy which is not good for the throat, can make the inflammation worse.

After throwing up, if a sore throat last in many days or combine with the high fever. You need to go to see the doctor checkup.

A bottom line

Throwing up can be useful to reduce uncomfortable feeling. However, besides the benefit, it also contributes burning to your throat. This article showed you “ how to make throat stop burning after throwing up”. Hope it helpful for you to reduce a sore throat.

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