how to make lips red for smokers

Cigarette smoking is the major factor that can be attributed to dark lips in men. Nicotine found in cigarettes is the major culprit that turns the natural color of the lips to dark. The blood vessels are hardened leading to decreased flow of blood to the lips area and hence it turns black. At times the black color can also be brought about by the dead skin over the lips.

Home remedies for dark lips in men


Take a small amount of honey and apply it on your lips. Leave it there for the whole night and wash your lips in the morning. Do it regularly and you can see the color of your lips changing.

Beetroot juice

Take a piece of beetroot and mash it and then apply the juice on your lips. You can also rub a slice of the veggie. This will help to change the color of your lips and also make it a bit red.


Dip a small slice of lemon in salt and scrub your lips for a few seconds with this slice. It helps in removing the dead skin and the color changes.

Berry balm

Smash strawberries into a smooth paste. Add to this a measure of petroleum jelly and mix them both till they blend nicely. Apply this mixture on your lips every day night and leave it there overnight. This will change the color and give your lips a glow.

Castor oil or essential oil

Castor or essential oils have a moisturizing property inherent in them and hence their use will bring a change in the color of your lips. Apply castor or essential oils on your lips and the color will lighten. Use it regularly so that your lips become soft and pink.

Ice cubes

Ice cubes are very helpful to moisten as well as to get rid of the dead skin cells from the lips. All you have to do is to take an ice cube and massage it on the lips for a few seconds. Repeat it at least 1 time in a day and note the change.

Almond oil

Twice or thrice in a day apply almond oil on your lips to moisturize them and to reduce the color of your lips.


Yet another home remedy to change your lip color is by applying raspberries. Make a paste of 1-2 raspberries and add 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera juice. Store this mix in a container in a cool and dry place and apply this on your lips. If you do not like Aloe Vera juice then you can add honey in its place and still get the same result.

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