Home Remedies for Sweaty Hands

Sweating hands afflict the majority of the human beings thereby affecting their social as well as personal life too. This embarrasses them and they draw back from the public plus personal contacts. The factors that can be ascribed to sweaty hands are tension, hormone issues etc.

Rather than worrying of this setback, you can attempt these superb home remedies mentioned below:


Water is known as the elixir of life and it is an exceptional cooling therapy as sweaty hands are mostly bad on those whose body becomes hot in no time. The most excellent way to keep away from this is drinking a good deal of cool water throughout the day. This will facilitate the body to stay cool and put off sweaty hands too. You need to drink a minimum of two to three liters of water so as to control your body heat.

Green tea

Green tea with its plethora of astringent and medicinal properties assists in naturally drying the sweat by closing the minute openings. It also aids in getting rid of surplus oils plus moisture from the skin thereby preventing escaping of sweat into your skin surface. Consume two-three cups of green tea daily and apply some green tea ice cubes on your hands periodically to avoid sweaty hands.

Sage tea soak

Add two-three sage tea bags into a full bucket of warm/hot water for 20 minutes. After this for around 20 minutes soak your hands in this water. Due to the astringent qualities of sage tea, it will remove the excess oil and prevent sweating of hands. Follow this procedure every day for a week. You can also consume sage tea before going to bed to enhance the results.


To control sweat in your hands, armpits, and feet you can use cornstarch an easy dusting curative. Cornstarch does not have any odor and hence it is similar to talcum powder and so doesn’t make any mess when utilized often. It is moreover a good absorbent material and serves in maintaining the skin in a dry mode. Simply powder your hands with cornstarch all through the day so as to thwart sweaty hands.

Orange and lemon peels

Lemon or orange peels can be powdered and used to control sweaty hands. Your hands will give out a fantastic aroma as well. You need to dry peels or orange and lemon in the sun. Then powder it and store it in an airtight container. You can directly apply this powder on your hands or even mix it with water and coat your hands and leave it to dry before washing. You can also mix it with baking powder to give more effective results.

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