Home remedies for cold and cough in children

Colds are common and do not need a call to your family doctors clinic. It gets better normally within three to four days.


A kind of germ known as a virus induces most colds. There are several kinds of viruses that can result in a cold. Reckoning on the kind of virus you have, the symptoms may differ.


  • Fever and chilliness
  • Headache, fatigue and painful muscles
  • Cough
  • Nasal indications, like sneezing, yellow or green snot, runny nose, and stuffiness
  • Aching throat

To get relief try these home remedies:


When your kid suffers from cold and is not able to breathe freely then get him/her to get steam. You can either ask your kid to stand in a bathroom with running hot water or simply ask him/her to inhale hot fumes from hot water for not less than 10 – 15 minutes. You can also add eucalyptus oil which will aid in soothing the system of your kid.


If your baby is below 5 years of age then dip your finger in honey and ask him/her to lick it. Honey has a soothing effect and it helps. But if your kid is more than 5 years then you can mix cinnamon powder to a spoonful of honey and give it to your kid.


Carom Seeds

Add carom seeds and tulsi leaves to boiling water filter and ask your kid to drink it. It will help in checking cough and also aid to relieve congestion in the chest.


Blend garlic and mustard oil and rub down the chest, back and neck region of your baby. To provide a quicker relief you can cover the palm and feet of your baby with the oil.

Keep your baby hydrated

It becomes all the more important to keep your child hydrated when they go through a bout of coughing and sneezing. Also by drinking water with regular intervals helps in fighting the cold and also reduces the throat inflammation. It also clears the infection. In order to restore the child’s energy, you can also feed him/her with warm soup or even fresh juice.

Salt gargle

Make your child gargle with a mix of hot water and teaspoon of salt. This will ease a sore throat. This has to be done twice a day as the saline water will soothe the pain.

Turmeric milk

Mix turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk and give it to your child to drink every night. The antiseptic properties of turmeric give immediate relief for throat aches and runny nose. And as milk is loaded with calcium, it gives energy to your child.

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