Healthy Food can Still Cause Weight Gain

People these days are becoming more mindful of what they eat. With many becoming more concerned over their waistlines and wanting to keep looking trim, it is not really a surprise to see that there has been a surge in the interest towards eating healthier food. A lot of people are also making the conscious decision of pushing the junk food and the sugars away and reaching for the healthier options. Still, many are left wondering why despite their efforts to eat healthier; they still cannot seem to get rid of their excess weight.

There is a common misconception that as long as you are eating healthy food, you should be able to keep the flab away. However, expert dietician Elaine Amphlett wants to warn people of the fact that they can still over-eat healthy food. Too many people seem to be misled of the notion that as long as the food you are munching on is healthy, it is alright to overeat it. This is a huge misconception as with anything else, too much of something good is still going to be bad for you.

For instance, there are people who feel confident that they are doing their body a favour by reaching for a bowl of almonds when in need of some snacks instead of going for a chocolate bar. While it is true that almonds would be the healthier choice one has to look into how much of it is being consumed to determine if it is really going to help keep your weight down. Unfortunately, a bowl of almonds contains about 415 calories. Compare that to a chocolate bar which is sugar-laden with only 275 calories only, you certainly are going to put on weight out of eating the healthier choice.

This does not mean though that people should now instead reach for a chocolate bar when wanting a snack instead of almonds. This simply just means that they have to take a closer look at the portions of what they are eating if they truly want to maximise the benefits of the healthy food choices that they are going for.

Portion control is truly critical, especially when dealing with foods that are known to be packed with calories, despite being tagged as healthy. Serving sizes and portion are two things that people need to be aware of if they want their journey towards a healthier and trimmer self to be a truly successful one.

Many people seem to have a hard time understanding why they are still unable to get rid of any excess weight despite all their best efforts to go for healthier food alternatives. Clean eating, however, is just one part of the picture. When eaten at the wrong serving sizes, it is possible to overeat healthy foods too.

Even as healthy a food as bananas can still cause you to gain weight if you are eating too much of it. Measuring your food portions every day will help you glean whether you have been eating too much of something or if it is just the right amount. Learn more about healthy eating by reading about ElaineAmphlett online

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