Do You Have Cramps Before Period?

Feeling pain and discomfort at your lower abdominal area makes you think about having a period right now. However, the fact is not right, and it is so far away your menstrual period one or two weeks before your period indeed starts. So, why it happens? Is it normal or not when having cramps before period?

Cramps is one of the common signs of the premenstrual syndrome. Many people have cramps before period, so frequency and maybe don’t concern much about it.

However, it is abnormal and probably show you a problem which you may not think. Therefore, you need to understand why you have cramps and how usually it will happen to you? Then knowing which is strange to your body?

What Are Cramps During Your Period?

Menstrual cramps are the pain at the beginning time of your period and probably continues some more two or three days later.

The level of pain is moderate to severe pain depending on which type of pain and how to stand people can. Cramps make young women absent from many activities with feeling uncomfortable when having the period.

However, there are many factors can affect your menstrual cramps such as:

  • Starting the first period before the age of 11.
  • Being overweight or obesity
  • Smoking or consuming alcohol
  • Being never be a pregnancy

Why Do You Have Menstrual Cramps?

Every month, girls after puberty have ovulated regularly. When this egg doesn’t be fed, the lines of your uterus will be driven out. Then, your uterus muscle has to contract hard to move out the linning. That’s why you have cramps during your period.

You may have cramps during the beginning time of your menstrual time which because of the uterus contractions are the most robust.

What Symptoms Will You Experience During Menstrual Cycle?

Not only cramps as a throbbing pain, sharp pain or dull in your abdomen, but it will also accompany with many of some symptoms such as:

  • A backache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • A headache
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability

If you have some of these discomforts, don’t be so worried about that, these symptoms are improved, and you will feel alright after your cycle.

However, in some cases, camps during menses is not regular at all, so that you need to find medical help.

When Do You Need To See A Doctor?

Knowing what abnormalities to seek out a doctor when you need is so important. If a girl or a woman who suffers from any of these symptoms, you should call a doctor soon:

  • Cramps continue longer than usual
  • Pain is worse suddenly than normal
  • Bleeding much than usual, you have to change more than an hour
  • Experience any infectious signs such as fever, chills
  • Doubting whether have a pregnancy

Nevertheless, in some of these emergency cases, the girl or woman should go to the hospital immediately:

  • Faint
  • Dizzy when changing position from sitting to standing or on the contrary
  • Have a severe pelvic pain
  • Have tissues with menses flow. It is silvery or grayish usually
  • Be pregnant and suffer from more pain

Is It Abnormal To Have Cramps Before Period One Or More Weeks?

Cramps before period frequently are familiar with many women if it starts just before or at the beginning of your period. Most of the girls experience mild to moderate pain, while others have severe pain on their menstrual cycle.

In many cases, cramps before period one or more weeks will be a serious sign which warns you to be careful, and most of them are problems with productive organs.

Cramps Before Period Will Tell That You Are An Expecting Mom?

Cramps before period is a doubted sign about having a baby. On early stage of pregnancy, you will experience mild or moderate cramps. These symptoms can accompany with pain in your lower abdomen or lower back as well.

Cramps go with you for many weeks or months during your pregnant period. The level of cramps can be reduced or just mild pain that will not mind you much, you can also take part in some light activities and have fun with your friends.

Is That A Good News When you have A Baby?

However, if your girl used to have miscarriages in the past, you should be careful. Take a rest and find help from professionals is such good advice. If the cramps become worse than usual it used to be; then you have bleeding or watery discharge, please go to the hospital immediately.

Having any uncomfortable signs during your periods or before that sounds annoying which can limit your movement and your confidence when hanging out. Knowing any abnormal and normal signs when having cramps before period help you to be patient and deal with your situation effectively. Hope this article helps you a bit about this situation.

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