Bentonite Clay Detox with Calcium Bentonite, the Great Absorbent

The Calcium Bentonite clay is made up of ash from the remains of volcanoes. It was found near Fort Benton, Wyoming where the source of a volcano is rich. The Bentonite clay which is popularly known as Healing clay was first discovered in France.

Bentonite clay has been in practice historically as a traditional healing method for protecting the body from disease. It has been reported that people living in regions of the Andes, Central Africa and Australia have been actively consuming clay in numerous ways internally and externally. Because the clay is readily available and required no modern processing, it has been a popular and cost-effective way of “detoxifying” the body.

As we come across toxins every day from paint, cleaning supplies, markers, that makes our skin dull and unhealthy, that’s where Calcium Bentonite Clay Detox comes into the picture. It assists in removing waste toxins from the body, increasing immunity and nourishing skin. It is externally cleanses, exfoliates as well as work as a deodorant. The Bentonite has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is not only used as a bulking agent, but also as a substrate that can physically bind toxins.

Apart from this, there are various other benefits mentioned as below:

  1. It helps relieves GI distress: GI distress means Gastro-Intestinal diseases which affect stomach adversely. The use of bentonite clay as detox which works as great absorbent. It is when stomach starts to rebel against your gut. During workout or running, this happens and this is called GI disease. The bentonite clay detox, when taken internally helps you with abdominal cramping, Gas issue, Burping, Heartburn, Nausea, Diarrhoea and much more.
  2. Used in the bath to remove toxins: The bath taken with bentonite powder detox binds the toxins of your skin and removes it while rinsing. The clay makes the skin smooth, hydrated, and less inflamed.As the toxins are removed, it opens pores to receive more oxygen with the skin feeling more energized and it improves muscle recovery.
  3. It helps regain pH balance of the body: Proper digestion requires enzymes that are made from alkalized minerals. So, when alkalizing foods do not enter the body, a person becomes the victim of acidity and digestion. Bentonite clay contains alkalizing minerals, which maintains body’s pH level as required. Bentonite clay promotes good bacteria aka cprobiotics, therefore, decreasing the amount of harmful bad bacteria.
  4. Relieves digestive problems: The healing clay has the ability to neutralize bacteria and nullify digestive problems. It is often used as relief for nausea and vomiting by pregnant women. Bentonite clay benefits the digestive system of your pets as well.
  5. Boosting immunity: When any type of toxin reaches inside the gut, it becomes necessary to throw it out. By protecting the gut wall and decreasing the number of pesticides, toxins, bacteria and chemicals that could potentially enter the blood, the body is better able to protect its health.
  6. Adrenal fatigue recovery: Bentonite clay detox is good for adrenal fatigue recovery. The liver, kidney, skin play important role in detoxifying the human body. But if a detox method unbalances this system too much, the effects can be almost as bad as the toxin itself.The gut is one way that body flushes out unnecessary chemicals and bentonite clay detox helps with proper stools, extracting harmful metabolism.
  7. NEM stress response: The neuroendocrine-metabolic stress response is disrupting adrenal fatigue. This whole body’s response to stress illustrates that it is important to maintain detoxification balance while trying to recover from chronic stress, due to any of the reasons: underlying medical conditions, life situations, or with coping strategies. The calcium Bentonite clay detox helps with neuroendocrine metabolism stress caused due to detoxification balance.

These are only few of the many advantages of a calcium bentonite clay detox.  With its great absorbent quality, a healing clay detox is sure to be an ultimate gift from mother Earth.

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