3 Ways to Treat Joint Pain Naturally

In Florida, humidity is often accompanied by heat, making the weather more oppressive. The situation may prove worse for people who already suffer from joint pain and arthritis. You may be wondering what humid climate has to do with body ache and discomfort. The human joints consist of sensory nerves known as baroreceptors that act in response to the changes in weather. With any climatic changes, there is a change in the air pressure, and your body reacts consequently. If the weather is hot and humid after a spell of rain, there is a dip in the barometric pressure, leading to the expansion of your ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

So, if you are already suffering from joint pain, expansion in the tendons, ligaments, and muscles may irritate the sensitive areas in your body. Therefore, if you have mild, moderate, or severe joint pain, you can consider some natural remedies to alleviate the discomfort instead of resorting to over-the-counter painkillers. You must avoid analgesics at all cost. Just so you know, prescription drugs sales for painkillers per individual is three times more in the Sunshine State than in Illinois, which records the lowest consumption. Florida, like many other US states, has switched to alternative treatment for pain management. Therefore, if you happen to be from Florida, you can consider visiting a reputed healthcare center in Trinity that practices natural therapies. Here are three ways to treat joint pain naturally:

  1. Try Some Exercises

Though it is necessary to rest your sore, inflamed joints, you should also try some exercises from time to time. No workout at all may result in pain, discomfort, and inflexibility in your joints. Therefore, exercise daily to keep your joints flexible and nourished. It will help to keep the muscles stronger, as well as improve circulation, flexibility, mobility, and balance. If you have excruciating joint pain due to arthritis, try walking, swimming, strength training, low-impact aerobics, yoga, and tai chi. You can try warm water workouts because hydrotherapy provides support to your body and builds resistance, muscle strength, and endurance. Based on the findings of a 2015 study by the CAPHRI School for Public Health and Primary Care, Department of Epidemiology, Netherlands, a 45-minute aquatic circuit training session helped in alleviating knee pain. Your physiotherapist will tailor an appropriate exercise schedule for you. However, always consult with your doctor before starting any workout plan.

  1. Take Fish Oil

Food items rich in omega-3 fatty acids like wild salmon and even fish oil supplements are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, most of these supplements will alleviate joint pain and make you feel better. Wild salmon, for example, has more omega3s and less fat than those farmed. Sardines too are powerhouses of omega-3. Besides, they are also rich in protein and Vitamin B12. According to a 2015 study in Thailand, it was found that patients with knee pain who took 1,000 mg of fish oil supplements once a day for about two months experienced reduced joint pain and their knee functioning improved appreciably.

  1. Use Essential Oils

There are many essential oils such as chamomile, birch, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger that have wonderful pain relieving properties. All you need to do is dilute a few drops of oil in almond or grapeseed oil, which acts as a carrier. Apply the same on your inflamed joint. You can even use a combination of these pain-relieving oils. However, avoid using them if you have broken skin. If you are sensitive to clove oil, we recommend that you avoid the use because it is too strong for delicate skin.

Always consult a medical professional before using any of these home remedies. People hailing from Florida can visit a healthcare center in Trinity to fight joint pain naturally. You can even include a few natural food items such as ginger, capsaicin, and cherries in your diet.

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